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The Constitution

The Constitution is the basic law governing the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Constitution has been changed and/or replaced several times since its independence in 1960.


The Democratic Republic of Congo is now under the regime of the constitution which was approved in a referendum by the Congolese people and promulgated on 18th February 2006, by President Joseph Kabila Kabange. It is the Democratic Republic of Congo's sixth constitution since 1960.


Over the last decade, the DRC Government has worked to build a new Congo with an inclusive, transparent and democratic government that can provide a better future for all citizens. Having emerged from the conflict under the leadership of President Joseph Kabila Kabange, the Congolese people have taken critical steps in pursuing democratic aspirations guided by the DRC’s Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and religion.


Click here to download The Constitution of The Democratic Republic of the Congo

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